Our farm is called Four Rivers Pecans, it consist of three tracts in Vernon County, Missouri totaling 450 acres.  Kevin Hines and Joe Wilson own and operate the farm.  We have 250 acres of mature pecan trees, 60 acres of young pecan trees, 7 acres of elderberries, with the remainder in grass or wooded.

Joe is also one of the owners of  Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC.  MNPG is one of the nations largest processors and distributors of organic pecans.  Twenty-five area farmers grow certified organic pecans for MNPG.  You can learn more about MNPG at www.mopecans.com.

On September 30, 2011, we lanched our new elderberry juice label, Sano Springs.  Sano Springs is a blend of Sambucus Canadensis, grown on our farm and Sambucus Nigra.  It is exciting to be creating our own brand and see a second product from our farm on store shelves.  This is especially satisfying as nearly all elderberry juice sold in the U.S. is the Nigra variety, imported from Europe and bottled here.  As we plant more acres of elderberry and our production grows we will reduce the portion of sambucus nigra until we are 100% local grown.  Visit our web site to learn more about Sano Springs at www.sanosprings.com.  Please let us know where you shop so we can get Sano Springs in your favorite health food or natural food store. 

Farm Address:
Four Rivers Pecans
16123 Gray Road
Nevada, MO  64772

Joe Wilson

Elderberry Health

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